Lake Point Terrace

Lake Point Terrace 1706 Lake Point Dr. Madison, WI Ansonia created significant value by making strategic improvements to reposition this 125-unit garden apartment community that was purchased off-market directly from the foreclosing lender.  Though occupancy had...

2 East 8th

2 East 8th 2 E. 8th St. Chicago, IL Purchasing the non-performing first mortgage note on this 28-story mixed-income high rise provided a path to acquisition of the fee interest at a time when tax considerations ruled out a sale by the owner. Ultimately the property...

70 East Lake

70 East Lake 70 E. Lake St. Chicago, IL This 17-story downtown office building was successfully re-positioned and re-leased following its purchase from a life insurance company. Through new management and significant upgrades to this 145,000 square foot property, the...

Rice Building

Rice Building 815 W. Van Buren St. Chicago, IL This 75,000 square foot commercial office building with first floor retail was successfully repositioned following its purchase at an FDIC auction. Upon its acquisition, the property was 60% vacant and suffered from...

Woodcreek Properties

Woodcreek Properties 3010-3020 Woodcreek Dr. Downers Grove, IL Since acquisition, approximately 85% of each property has been released. Occupancy of this 127,000 square foot self-leased and managed office property has been increased to 100%. AllCommercial...


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